A downloadable game

This project contains my tiny projects which don't really deserve their own game page, but I want to put online anyway. It includes mechanical tests, failed prototypes, that kind of thing.

Knowing me, I'll probably only upload the Windows versions - if you're dying to play these graveyard games on Mac or Linux, let me know and I might be able to build those for you!

Here's a list of everything inside this project

  • WGD - Cycles | We ran a trial 4-hour game jam during the Covid-19 lockdown with a theme of "Cycles" and I ended up making a swinging mechanic where the player rotates an object around themselves to hit an enemy. The scoring system is broken, and I'm not sure why (source code at https://github.com/daniel-ilett/wgd-cycles).

Install instructions

Most of these games are probably made with Unity and uploaded as a zip file, in which case, unzip the folder and double-click the executable. Keep the rest of the folders and stuff inside the folder alongside the executable or it probably won't work!


WGD - Cycles 17 MB

Development log