A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You're a shape-shifting magician from the land of Shiftopia. Your job? Navigate through the shape-shifting, labyrinthine dungeons to reach the end and ensure the legacy of the ancient magicians for the next generation. Don't get ambushed by the threats found in the dungeons though - use your magic to fend them off!

It's a submission for Ludum Dare 35, so if you like it, I'd really appreciate if you could rate it!


Install instructions

- Download the relevant zip file for your platform.

- Unzip it, obviously!

- Inside there should be a data folder and some kind of runnable file (unless you're on Mac, then it seems there's just a runnable thing. I'm not a Mac expert though). Try running the runnable thing (for example, on Windows, it's an .exe).

- Keep the blahblahblah_Data folder with the executable at all times, or it won't run.


LD35 Shifting Dungeons (Windows 32-bit) 10 MB
LD35 Shifting Dungeons (Windows 64-bit) 12 MB
LD35 Shifting Dungeons (Mac OS X) 23 MB
LD35 Shifting Dungeons (Linux) 24 MB
LD35 Shifting Dungeons (Source files) 895 kB

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