Shader Showcase - Wave 2 Now Available!

Do you like waves? I hope so, because that was one of the effects included in Wave 1. Now, hold on to your hats because Wave 2 is coming to a Unity Editor near you! Featuring all-new effects such as Gooch Shading, Space Nebula, and Heat Distortion, as well as a complete set of sprite-based effects!

With this update, there are now over 40 effects in the pack. I'll be adding more shaders in waves in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. Oh, and I've made a little video featuring the shaders in this wave if you want to briefly see them in action.

The price of the pack is now $2, because I noticed PayPal took literally over 50% of your money when it cost $1 due to flat fees. What a bunch of thieves. I believe $2 is a very fair price for what you get!

Here are the new effects:

  • Stylised Glass - Distort the stuff behind the object. The index of refraction can be tweaked.
  • CRT - Slice the object into red, blue, and green pixels, then apply extra brightness.
  • Crewmate - Remember r/place, where people invented what I like to call 'crewmate dithering'? This is that.
  • Silhouette - Turn everything behind the object into a silhouette based on its distance from the camera.
  • PS1 Snapping Effect - An evolution of the PS1 Affine Mapping effect from Wave 1. On top of wobbly textures, vertices will now snap to an invisble grid in world space to simulate the PS1's limited precision.
  • Halftone - Turn the shaded region of an object into a series of differently-sized dots, where larger dots means more shadow.
  • Cubic Dissolve - Dissolve objects along a world space-aligned grid. All objects on one side of a place will start to dissolve brightly.
  • Heat Distortion - Wobble everything behind the object to simulate a heat haze.
  • Space Nebula - Lush purple outer space on one side, a fiery orange nebula the other side, and a bright barrier separating them.
  • Gooch Shading - A technique that's supposed to make it easier to discern the shape of an object. Also apply the Outline shader from Wave 1 for best results.
  • Sprite Pixelate - Modify the LOD level of a sprite.
  • Sprite Enchant - Overlay a glowing purple sheen, like in Minecraft.
  • Sprite Separation - Separate alternating rows of the sprite in opposite directions. Works best if your sprite has a bit of empty space either side.
  • Sprite Stat Changes - Overlay a sawtooth pattern of color that moves up or down, like a stat change effect in 2D RPGs.
  • Sprite Dissolve - The classic dissolve effect, applied to sprites.
  • Sprite Ripples - Wobble the UVs in a radial pattern to make the sprite bulge in and out from the center.


Shader Showcase Wave 2 (Unity 2021.3) 25 MB
Aug 12, 2022
Shader Showcase Wave 1 (Unity 2020.3) 139 MB
Jan 26, 2022

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