Version 1.4 adds six brand new effects!

I hope you've been enjoying Snapshot Shaders Pro so far! This update brings six new effects, plus a couple of new options for existing effects.

  • Cutout - overlays a texture onto the scene with a hole cut in the middle.
  • 📺 Glitch - shift rows of pixels side to side to mimic digital interference.
  • 🔄 Invert - swap each pixel with its opposite colour.
  • 💡 Light Streaks - adds "J.J Abrams-style" anamorphic lens flares over strong light sources.
  • Radial Blur - blur strongly at the edges, stay sharp in the centre.
  • 🪒 Sharpen - reduce the blurriness of the image.
  • ➕ Extra options for Outline and Sobel Outline effects - you can control the colour of the outlines! Plus, for Sobel Outline, you can modify the background colour, or choose to use the existing image as a background by setting it to fully transparent.

There are always more tweaks, options and effects to add, so there will be more updates to Snapshot Shaders Pro in the future!


Snapshot Shaders Pro (URP) 1.4 1 MB
63 days ago
Snapshot Shaders Pro (HDRP) 1.4 1 MB
63 days ago
Snapshot Shaders Pro (PPv2/built-in) 1.4 2 MB
63 days ago

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Wow this looks really cool! Can't wait to try it out later!