Addition of PPv2/LWRP support

If you've been enjoying Snapshot Shaders Pro HDRP, then thanks for downloading it! Previously, Snapshot Shaders Pro was available in two separate packages, one for High Definition Render Pipeline and one for Post Processing Stack v2. Today, I'm merging the functionality of the PPv2 edition into the HDRP edition so that you get support for all of Unity's rendering features in a single package (with a new name - simply Snapshot Shaders Pro)! This will make it easier for me to keep updating the separate 'branches' of the shader pack in lockstep.

Keep checking Snapshot Shaders Pro for updates - I'm currently working on support for more effects which will be available soon!


Snapshot Shaders Pro (PPv2) 1.0 497 kB
Mar 06, 2020

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