Version 1.2 adds 4 new effects (plus two variants)!

Surprise - here's a whole new batch of effects for Snapshot Shaders Pro! Four brand new effects, plus two new variants of existing effects!

  • 💥Kaleidoscope - the scene reflects itself across several mirror lines through the centre of the image.
  •  ✏ Drawing - the world looks like it's been shaded in using a pencil. 
  • 🔳 Outline (Fancy) - objects have a black border drawn around them - the effect can be customised to use the image colours, pixel depth or surface normals, unlike the original Outline effect.
  • Neon (Fancy) - same as Outline (Fancy), it's like the old Neon but with more edge-detection customisability.
  • 📺 Scanlines - overlays visible scanlines onto the image. A secondary texture lets you also overlay an RGB colour filter alongside the scanlines.
  • 💡 Dither (Basic) - a 1-bit effect, using a blue noise or Bayer noise pattern for thresholding.

Snapshot Shaders Pro will continue to be updated in the future. Thanks for using the pack!


Snapshot Shaders Pro (HDRP) 1.2 1 MB
Mar 07, 2020
Snapshot Shaders Pro (PPv2/built-in) 1.2 1 MB
Mar 07, 2020

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